Our guiding principles

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When we create our dishes, we take inspiration from nature.

When we create our dishes, we take inspiration from nature.

We love sim­plic­i­ty and stay away from com­pli­cat­ed culi­nary constructs.

Our cui­sine is based on com­mon sense cit­ing the laws of culi­nary har­mo­ny. It defies any short term trends.

Yes, we also cook with water,

but our water hap­pens to be purest Aus­tri­an moun­tain water.

… and of course, we only use high qual­i­ty oils and fresh but­ter from local grass-fed cows.


Almost all of our ingredients come from local farmers, cattle breeders, fishermen, gardeners and collectors who live just within a stone’s throw of Werfen.

We believe in long-stand­ing, trust­ing rela­tion­ships and that’s why our pur­vey­ors haven’t changed in decades.

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We love where we live and have a deep reverence for our regional cuisine.

Most of our dish­es can attest to that. How­ev­er, our curios­i­ty doesn’t end here. We are always eager to dis­cov­er culi­nary cul­tures from all parts of the world.


Away from norm and con­ven­tion lies our indi­vid­ual path when we cre­ate our dishes.

Nuances are impor­tant to us, and detailed atten­tion is giv­en to all that goes on your plate.

We don’t think cooking is an art form,

but a craft that requires high artistry from its chefs.

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Good cuisine is only part of great hospitality.

A care­ful­ly bal­anced and com­pe­tent approach to ser­vice, wel­comes every vis­i­tor at Obauer’s in Werfen.