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Cook­ing well is also pos­si­ble at home. We do it dai­ly. Here are a few exam­ples from Obauer’s pri­vate kitchen. Watch all videos.

L1000149 Obauer Breakfast Kopie

The Obauer Breakfast

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A breakfast, with almost no surprises, but:

A breakfast, with almost no surprises, but:

Arti­sanal bread baked to per­fec­tion in the Obauer oven at the local Eder bakery 

Cheese plate with region­al and inter­na­tion­al delicacies 

Cured cold cuts and ham, fresh­ly made 

Farm-fresh but­ter

Deli­cious­ly baked cakes and crèmes from Obauer’s patisserie 

Home­made jams and com­potes from Obauer’s pantry


First / an egg dish

Sec­ond / the break­fast fish

Third / a small ragout

Fourth / yoghurt made locally 

Accom­pa­nied by:

Fresh­ly pressed juices with a splash of flaxseed oil

Fair trade cof­fee or a choice from our fine tea selection

House cock­tail or beer

38 / person